Tomatis Therapy – Ongoing training course

At the ongoing training course of the 46th Convention of Otolaryngology, held in Mannheim (Germany) in late October / early November of 2011, Dr. Med. Jürgen Zastrow, an otolaryngologist from Cologne, introduced the Tomatis therapy as part of a discussion titled "Treatment alternatives for ENT therapy. "

About 300 people attended the presentation of the Tomatis therapy, including the history of its development since 1950 in France, the elaboration of the method, its applications in the two centres, Atlantis and Mozart-Brain Lab, in Belgium, and the training of its practitioners.
Dr. Zastrow first came into contact with the head of both Belgian centers, Jozef Vervoort, and directly witnessed the achievements of audio-psycho-phonology, in the course of his own son’s treatment. Today, the office of Dr. Zastrow in Cologne offers consultation hours every four weeks for APP treatment. Dr. Zastrow encourages his colleagues in Mannheim to practice Audio-psycho-phonology and to ensure that the work of Professor Alfred Tomatis, himself a former ENT, receive the recognition it deserves.

Dr. Zastrow, "Tomatis was an ENT and the system he created does work. We need to return it to the ENT.”

Support in Bolivia

Astrid Vervoort
Astrid Vervoort
During the months of February-March of 2010 a first-time workshop for Audio-Psycho-Phonology will be held in La Paz, Bolivia. The two Belgian institutes Atlantis and Mozart-Brain-Lab will be represented by Astrid Vervoort, who’s a trained therapist in Audio-Psycho-Phonology and also the daughter of Jozef Vervoort, the leader of both institutes.

During the workshop Astrid will be using modern technical hardware to demonstrate the variety of treatment possibilities Audio-Psycho-Phonology offers, treat children, and give background information on this therapy form which was originated by Professor Alfred Tomatis. The workshop will come as part of the ‘First International Congress for  Neuro-Pedagogy- ADHS, Epilepsy and Autism’   and the training course for Neuro-Pedagogy.

The training course and the congress have been initiated and organized by the non-profit organization ZENIT FUNDACION in La Paz with the support of the German non-profit organization “Pro Dialog” and its president, Cordula Schall, who’s a physiotherapist and a senior teacher of ‘Bobath Physiotherapy’ in the German city of Cologne.

Moreover, ZENIT FUNDACION has been able to organize the event under the auspices of the Bolivian ministry in charge of child development .

Listening in kindergarten and in school

Throughout 2009 we continued and expanded our work with Belgian kindergartens and elementary schools.
At the ‘Europaschool’ in Genk, where Mozart-Brain-Lab and Atlantis had first introduced listening training in the January of 2005,  an objectively measurable improvement of results continued at both, the kindergarten and at the elementary school level. An improvement of results can be shown in the two fields, ‘ basic language skills’ and ‘fundamental mathematics’, especially the latter.

Moreover, the kindergarten and elementary school of the city of Sint-Joris-Nieuwpoort by the North Sea (the second city we started collaborating with at the end of 2005) once again featured remarkable final scores among their ‘listening’ children.

These success stories have led to a new affiliate for us. After hearing about the results of the ‘Europaschool’, a city school in Gent, ‘De Triangel’ contacted Jozef Vervoort and his Sint-Truiden centers, and on the first of October of this year, Jozef’s centers started a listening program the kindergarten division of ‘De Triangel’. A common trait of the ‘Europaschool’ and ‘De Triangel’ is a cliental that consists to more than  90% of children of immigrants.

Internet connection

Atlantis is offering its guests a new service in the cafeteria, where they can now surf the Internet. Network outlets have now been placed at three points for easy access to the Internet. A network cable can be hired on payment of a deposit. Use of the Internet is free for guests of Atlantis.

25 years of Atlantis

The story of the Atlantis Institute in Sint-Truiden began on 26 December 1983 in the private home of the pedagogue Jozef Vervoort. Two children completed the first listening training programme on Boxing Day 25 years ago.  Following this, initially an enquiry was received every week; now they are coming in on a daily basis. Well over 15,000 children, young people and adults have now listened to their mother’s voice, music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Gregorian chant for Jozef and his assistants.