The Atlantis Institute in figures

The headquarters of the Atlantis Institute have been at 43 Schepen de Jonghstraat, Sint-Truiden, Belgium since June 22, 1996. Located near the famous "Grote Markt", the town's large market square, the non-profit association started with the purchase of a former hotel consisting of an old building and a newer structure. A nearby old garage was purchased in August 1999. The street-side part now houses a Cafeteria, behind which is a large outdoor playground. Fourteen duplex apartments have been built around the indoor playground. Additional apartments are located at the cafeteria. Between the main building and the cafeteria stands a house with more rooms, a workshop and a storeroom. The whole structure has a total facade of 70 linear meters, the capacity to treat 300 patients (including 22 night therapy systems), a total of 310 beds, mostly in double occupancy bedrooms and apartments, and more than 40 employees to take care of our guests.