New audio player by MBL

The Mozart-Brain-Lab team has successfully developed, in addition to the Brain Activator, a new audio device to play the pieces of music used for the therapy. The "MBL APP SYSTEM" was introduced at the "APP Today Conference" of September 23-25, 2011. This development became necessary when the American company Alesis stopped the production of the long-established "Masterlink 9600" device. The Masterlink played high-resolution audio at 48 and 96 Khz and 24 bits; In addition, the "mother voice" could be recorded and copied onto CDs. The new MBL APP System combines all the advantages of the MasterLink with even more options: it is network-capable and will be network-controlled directly from Belgium, if troubleshooting or repair is needed. New or optimized music tracks can also be uploaded directly to the system from our network.

A few key words about the new device:

    • about 750 pre-programmed pieces of music and "active" sessions (all the available tracks from MBL.)
    • Space for at least another 750 recordings.
    • Quasi-unlimited number of playlists possible. Multiple patient settings can be programmed in advance.
    • New tracks may be transferred via USB2, faster USB3 technology, or from an external disk.
    • Quickly export your own recordings to a USB stick or other type of external storage device.
    • No option to format the internal hard drive, therefore no risk of losing data.
    • No CD drive (no longer necessary).
    • All important and relevant details may be entered, even pictures/photos.
    • Fully network-capable without user intervention.
    • Updates sent over the network.
    • Software errors analyzed and repaired over the network.
    • Same standard playback as before: 48 Khz / 24 Bit.
    • Record mother voice,  save and/or transfer to USB stick or other device.
    • Four different modes of operation:

• Touch screen

• Navigation keys

• USB mouse

• USB keyboard (English /American QWERTY keyboard, as opposed to a German or a French keyboard, where for example, the letters z and y are interchanged.)