Applications for listening therapy

. . . among children with

delayed development

- delayed speech, motor and psychological development

- also for premature babies

school and learning difficulties

- weakness in reading and writing

- dyslexia

- dyscalculia

- problems with concentration, easily distracted

- problems with language and speech

behavioural problems

- emotional withdrawal, anxieties

- lack of self-confidence

- restlessness, hyperactivity (ADHS)

- attention deficit syndrome (ADS)

- aggressiveness

- low frustration tolerance

- lack of motivation

disorders in the vestibular region

- balance

- coordination

- body image

- gross and fine motor skills

- attitude

problems of integration

- following adoption, divorce, etc.


- autistic traits

organic/genetic disabilities

- especially Down’s Syndrome

- brain damage

Foreign language integration

. . . among adults

auditive perception and communication problems

psychosomatic problems

- sleep disorders, tenseness of the spinal column, etc.

problems with balance

- e.g. Crohn’s disease

stimulation at times of exhaustion/burnout syndrome


- after sudden hearing loss

- tinnitus

- stroke

<strong">memory impairment

sensitivity to noise

concentration and attention

revitalisation during old age

improvement of voice and singing

- e.g. intonation, expression

optimisation and stabilisation of residual hearing