APP-Founder Tomatis, Mozart and the Electronic Ear

Why do you have two ears? To hear of course, you will say. Our ears also help us to keep our balance, to stand upright, to achieve better body control and harmonious motion sequences. It enables language development and communication. The ear plays a pivotal role in loading the brain with energy ("energetische Aufladung" des Gehirns (Tomatis)) and has a fundamental influence on our well-being. As a sensory organ the ear assumes a key role.

The French ear, nose and throat specialist Professor Dr Alfred Tomatis, established the scientific discipline of Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP). APP describes the interdependencies between ear, voice formation, body and mind. Tomatis developed a highly effective method for treating hearing problems, which are the cause of many disorders. With music by W.A. Mozart, special Gregorian chant and a recording of the voice of the patient’s own mother, perceptual capacity is systematically stimulated and trained through the sense of hearing and balance.

The core component of the method is the brain activator, a development of the “Electronic “Ear“, through the differentiated application of which restrictive hearing patterns can be eliminated and corrected.