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100 years of Tomatis

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Dear colleagues, Dear parents,
On January 1, 2020, we celebrated the 100th birthday of Alfred Angelo Tomatis, born on January 1, 1920. Some are amazed at this incredible date of birth, but his birth certificate leaves no doubt!

As approach to this day of celebration, we have revisited the museum that we have managed in his memory for 18 years. It is a most fascinating place, containing thousands of manuscripts, mountains of photos, newspaper and magazine articles, and stacks of cassettes (750) and videos about the man and his life's work.
We can only contemplate with admiration and great respect the life of this genius, this simple and humble explorer, who sought to discover, without restraint, how human beings develop, through the ear, from the uterine night to the entry into the world, and how the sense of hearing will form the structural motor of the brain during the 9 months of gestation, and will continue to play this role throughout our lives.
A Stanford University study, published on May 31, 2016, once again reaffirms his vision: "The neural circuits underlying the perception of the mother's voice predict the child's social communication skills".
Anyone who has had the chance to know him personally knows that he had a gift that few people in the world possess: an incomparable intuitive intelligence. He could literally "see" "the keys to science" even when he couldn't decipher them directly. Against all resistance, he remained firm in his position, knowing, feeling, that he was right.
Like so many geniuses before him, he did not have an easy end of life. But he carried his cross with exceptional resignation and surrendered to his God, in whom he believed so strongly. His own words confirm it: “The more I discover, the more I believe."
Few people leave such a spiritual and intellectual heritage. His discoveries, his therapy, meant hope, love, confidence and happiness. Thanks to him, hundreds of thousands have received and continue to receive the help they seek.
He “moved a stone in the water and thus changed the course of the river. "
All of us, who have the privilege of using his knowledge in our work, enjoy the particular satisfaction of being able to spread this hope, this love and this happiness every day!
On behalf of Mozart-Brain-Lab and Atlantis vzw,
Best regards,
Jozef Vervoort


Both Atlantis and Mozart-Brain-Lab offer a wide range of rooms and apartments for your stay during treatment.
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Our large selection of books about the therapy according to Professor Tomatis are available in German, English and French and can be purchased directly from the Atlantis Institute website.
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The YouTube channel "Atmoproduct" has various presentations in several languages about the Atlantis Institute, Jozef Vervoort and the Tomatis therapy.

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