Closing on Sundays

From 1 September 2023, both centres (Atlantis & Mozart Brain Lab) will be closed on Sundays (with the exception of holidays and extended weekends - a full list of these can be found below, as well as at reception). Therapy will be possible from Monday morning until Saturday afternoon.

You can obtain the listening times for group I and group II at reception.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to listen in the desired group - this cannot be booked in advance. We will do our best to accommodate this.

Like all sectors, we too are struggling to recruit new staff. We find that weekend work in particular is a stumbling block here.

Therapy is an intensive process in which the brain receives strong stimulation. The deep psychological impact on the subconscious should not be underestimated.

We often note that the strong therapy programmes and the effect of the highly filtered mother's voice require more processing time for many.

A day of rest will undoubtedly please every guest. This will take place on Sundays from 1 September. This will allow the effect of therapy to manifest even better on cognitive, psychological, educational and physiological development.

The night therapy will continue as usual - also on weekends.

At reception, you can find an info bundle with fun activities for Sundays.

We hope that not only the children, but also the parents, can de-stress in this way and experience the feeling of a short holiday!

Tomatis therapy is a mother-child cure, where the symbiosis between the two is central.

If they are allowed to find each other not only during therapy, but also on this day of rest, it will not only benefit the therapy, but also the relationship between mother and child.

OVERVIEW OF SUNDAYS WHEN WE ARE OPEN (until the end of 2023):

Sunday 1 October 2023 (NRW Ferien)
Sunday 8 October 2023 (NRW Ferien)
Sunday 15 October 2023 (NRW Ferien)
Sunday 29 October 2023 (Belgian autumn holidays)
Sunday 5 November 2023 (Belgian autumn holidays)
Sunday 31 December 2023 (Christmas holidays)

We thank you for your understanding!
Jozef, Astrid, Didier & the entire team of Atlantis and MBL


Both Atlantis and Mozart-Brain-Lab offer a wide range of rooms and apartments for your stay during treatment.

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Our large selection of books about the therapy according to Professor Tomatis are available in German, English and French and can be purchased directly from the Atlantis Institute website.

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The YouTube channel "Atmoproduct" has various presentations in several languages about the Atlantis Institute, Jozef Vervoort and the Tomatis therapy.

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