"This school has a soul"

This is a great honor for Jozef Vervoort: Dolgelin Primary School, in the Brandenburg region near Frankfurt Oder in Germany, now bears the name of the leader of the Atlantis and Mozart-Brain-Lab therapy centers of St. Truiden, Belgium. On June 30, 2015, the school was officially named “Primary School Jozef Vervoort”. The event was marked by a big celebration for students, parents, teachers and local authorities (representatives of the local government). Grateful for the honor, the 74 year old man, who was for many years director of several schools, said "This school has a soul."

Since 2010, the newly named “Primary School Jozef Vervoort” offers a special program of the Listening Training according to Tomatis. This module provides a most relaxing end to the school day that neither children nor their parents would want to miss. Dolgelin Primary School is leading the way in Brandenburg and is supported not only by the Atlantis Center, but also by the association “Klangfalter”, which is run by Tomatis Therapist Petra Gebauer. By naming the school after Jozef Vervoort, the establishment wanted to show gratitude.