Complimentary "extras" at Atlantis

When you train at Atlantis, you not only "listen" but you are also invited to take advantage of quite a few little bonuses:

GIGER Training
Exercising on one of our five "recumbent bicycles" while listening produces spectacular results on gross and fine motor skills and balance. Your perception of temporal, spatial and rhythmic structures (the basis for abstract thinking, ie. mathematics) will also greatly improve.

Horse Therapy
The "mechanical horse" improves the tonus of  the spine, as well as posture and equilibrium. In combination with the Listening training, this workout stimulates the formation of new connections in the brain (synapses).
Bal-A-Vis X
This exercise unit focuses on the action of catching and throwing a ball, which will improve balance and auditory and visual systems. It also helps develop the sense of rhythm and a higher capacity to concentrate.

Teaching, reading, language, and motor skills
At Atlantis, our team is dedicated to providing a wide selection of special teaching / reading techniques and various logopedic and psychomotor exercises. Our therapists gladly share these tools with parents so that they may continue using them at home.

C-Eye system
The "C-Eye-System" is an innovative module that can be controlled through eye movements. "C-Eye" makes it possible to assess the neurological and emotional condition of a person. This novel technology also offers the possibility of neurorehabilitation. However, at Atlantis we primarily use it as a means of communication. This system can be integrated into the Tomatis therapy for people with very limited speech and communication capabilities.
During breaks between listening units, our indoor and outdoor playgrounds give our young ones (under 12 years of age) an opportunity to let off steam in the ball pool, the slide, and the many motion devices, all of which enhance motor skills and balance. A ping-pong table  and a foosball table are available for older kids (12 and up.)