Welcome to Atlantis vzw

Upon arriving at the Atlantis Institute customers first check in at the front desk, where they can also get answers to all their questions concerning their stay and therapy. Team members like Stephanie, in this photo, speak several languages, ​​including Dutch, French, German and English.

Isabelle (left) and Cindy are in charge of the "Mom-and-Child" area. They also manage the attribution of places to parents who listen in the adult section. Approximately forty team members work with clients at the Atlantis and Mozart-Brain-Lab institutes.

From left to right: Mirja, Martien, Lynn and Ann, amongst others, supervise the children during their listening training. They also set the devices according to the therapists' instructions and help the kids select suitable activities.

Wendy is responsible for both the Adults and the Children Centers. She also performs the listening tests and delivers the supplementary Bal-à-vis X therapy. Andy, a speech therapist, and Ann (top photo, right) assist during the "active phase" of the  therapy according to Professor Tomatis.